Second Opinions

Second opinions can be incredibly helpful in cases involving elective surgery, difficult-to-treat, and non-surgical pain syndromes. A second opinion is when a different doctor reviews your medical record and offers an independent opinion on your medical condition.

Consulting two different specialists can help you make well-informed decisions regarding your health.

We understand that receiving a complex diagnosis can overwhelm you and your family. Obtaining a second opinion for a new perspective on your situation can help you determine the most appropriate treatment path.

At Spinal Diagnostics, we provide second opinions to patients with concerns about their diagnosis and who would like to re-evaluate their medical diagnosis or treatment plan. 


Most insurances cover second opinions. We suggest calling your insurance provider if you have any specific questions regarding your health plan before scheduling an appointment.

When to Get a Second Opinion

A second opinion may be worth considering if:

  • Your symptoms continue even after undergoing a treatment
  • You’ve received a complex diagnosis of a rare disease
  • You feel uncomfortable with your case and diagnosis
  • You seek alternative procedures, such as less invasive treatments or non-opioid medications

Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion

Being well-informed is an important part of feeling comfortable about your treatment options. Getting a second opinion can help you start your treatment journey with confidence. Some other benefits second opinions offer include:

  • Confirmation of your medical diagnosis
  • Avoiding misdiagnosis
  • Learning about alternative treatment options
  • Minimizing diagnosis or procedure-related anxiety

Finding a Doctor for a Second Opinion

Finding the right doctor is a crucial part of looking for a second opinion. You should let your current doctor know you are seeking a second opinion so they can provide you with your medical records and imaging studies.

This will help the next doctor perform an accurate and prompt diagnosis. Keeping your doctor informed will also keep the communication channel open.

When looking for a second opinion, you can ask your doctor for referrals, check the provider list from your health plan or do an internet search, carefully evaluating the patient reviews.

Preparing for a Second Opinion

We suggest following these steps to prepare for your second opinion appointment:

  • Ask your current doctor to send all your test results and other records to the second doctor. 
  • Confirm with your second doctor that they have received all the needed information.
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a second opinion.
  • Make sure to have a handy list of all your questions or concerns regarding your case.

Second Opinions for Spinal Conditions in Tualatin and Newberg in Oregon

At Spinal Diagnostics, we focus on spinal and neuropathic pain management. Our team of specialists is a recognized leader in clinical research and offers you updated diagnostic processes and treatment options.

We have dedicated our practice to improving our patient’s quality of life without using opiate medications or traditional spine surgery. Over ten years of experience makes us the top choice for those with back and neck pain.

If you want to learn more about the treatments we offer, call us, schedule an appointment online, or visit our locations in Tualatin and Newberg, Oregon.

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