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At Spinal Diagnostics, we are dedicated to providing you with multi-disciplinary approaches for a wide range of conditions that could potentially impact your life.

We specialize in diagnosing and treating back and neck pain issues, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, neuropathy, pelvic pain, post-surgical pain, and many more.

Living with debilitating pain can not only take a physical toll on your body but can also become emotionally challenging. We believe that by offering a range of treatment options, we will help create the best treatment plan for your condition. 

Our approach focuses on conservative treatments, the use of non-opioid medication, and the advantages that minimally invasive interventions offer patients with debilitating pain. We work with you to develop a diagnostic and treatment plan focused on your physical and mental health recovery.

Let us help you find relief and improve your quality of life by scheduling an appointment online, visiting our clinic, or contacting us.

Back and Neck Pain

We understand that neck and back pain can severely affect your lifestyle and hinder your day-to-day activities. That’s why we aim to enhance your lower back mobility issues and improve your health with innovative procedures. 

Our services to treat these conditions include MILD® (minimally invasive lumbar decompression), pain management, neuromodulation, conservative treatment, non-opioid medications, and injections.

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is an illness characterized by debilitating pain that affects the limbs, usually your arms or legs. Still, it can spread to other body parts as it progresses. It is a chronic condition usually caused by an injury followed by abnormal and prolonged pain that may also include other signs like swelling, mobility limitations, sweating, and skin color or temperature changes. 

CRPS is a complex condition that could cause sleep issues and psychological problems due to the severity of the symptoms. The impact of the debilitating pain and the emotional toll this condition may cause can be profound. 

A multidisciplinary approach to CRPS can help patients manage their symptoms and improve their mental well-being. This may include conservative therapies, non-opioid medications, and neuromodulation procedures.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is usually linked to mental stress after military combat; however, other traumatic events may cause it, such as accidents, physical trauma, natural disasters, or acts of violence. This condition can severely impact your daily life and overall well-being.

Seeking help to deal with symptoms related to PTSD, such as intrusive thoughts or sleep disturbance, is crucial to avoid further complications.

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Workplace Injuries & MVA

When carrying out work-related activities like heavy lifting boxes or tools, you may be at risk of suffering an injury or physical trauma. These may range from cuts, bruises, strains, and sprains, to burns and electrical injuries. Workplace injuries may be caused due to inadequate safety measures, improper training, or the wrong usage of personal protective equipment.

Suffering from injuries in your workplace may cause not only a physical but an emotional impact. Addressing them properly will prevent them from escalating to a more severe issue.

At Spinal Diagnostics, your doctor will work with you to tailor the best treatment plan for your case, depending on the nature of your injury.

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Neuropathy is caused by the dysfunction of the nerves that control sensitivity and motion in our bodies. This is often caused by damage from correlated conditions like diabetes or physical injuries. The most common signs to identify this condition are radiating pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness.

The Spinal Diagnostics team specializes in providing comprehensive care to treat neuropathy conditions, such as diabetic and peripheral neuropathy.

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Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain may appear only in the pelvic region but also radiate into the lower abdomen, legs, spine, and buttocks. It may range from mild to acute and could potentially develop into a chronic condition if not treated appropriately. 

Discomfort in the pelvis could have multiple root causes linked to issues in the spine, nerves, and muscles or correlated medical conditions in the reproductive organs. Identifying its origin is key to determining the best treatment plan for your case. 

Having pelvic pain can severely limit regular activities and hinder the quality of life. Although pelvic pain is more common in women, people of all ages and genders could experience it. Seeking appropriate healthcare can help limit the progression of this condition and restore overall well-being.
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Post-Surgical Pain

Although complications after spinal surgery are uncommon, post-surgical pain due to failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is possible. FBSS can severely impact your physical health and can cause persistent pain after specific kinds of spinal surgery. This includes procedures like laminectomy, spinal fusion, or decompression procedures.

Some common signs include chronic neck, back, leg, or arms pain, numbness, muscle weakness, and limited mobility.

Some of the multiple causes that could lead to its development include nerve damage during the surgery, post-procedure infections, or pre-existing conditions.
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Other Conditions

Although leg pain and headaches may range in symptoms and treatment approaches, their root cause may often be related. From neuropathic causes to physical trauma, these conditions can impact your lifestyle and potentially develop into chronic conditions if left untreated. 

At Spinal Diagnostics, we aim to enhance your health and provide solutions that help you return to your day-to-day activities. We focus on offering minimally invasive and revolutionary treatment solutions for all kinds of conditions, including leg pain and headaches.

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Pain Management for Spine and Neck Issues in Tualatin and Newberg in Oregon

At Spinal Diagnostics, we focus on pain management for multiple conditions. Our team of specialists are recognized leaders in clinical research and will provide you with updated diagnostic processes and treatment options.

We have dedicated our practice to improving our patient’s quality of life without using opiate medications or traditional spine surgery. Over ten years of experience makes us the top choice for those dealing with pain symptoms.

If you want to learn more about our services, call us, schedule an appointment online, or visit our locations in Tualatin and Newberg in Oregon.

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