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At Spinal Diagnostics, we care for the education of our patients. We hope these webinars help you better understand our treatment options and the advancements made in managing chronic pain.

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Clinical Research

Chronic lower back pain (CLBP) can be one of the most difficult, debilitating conditions to diagnose and treat. Patients who have tried all available resources, such as therapy and injections, are often told there is nothing more to offer and rely on opioid medications. 

ReActiv8 is a groundbreaking new treatment for CLBP when there is evidence of multifidus dysfunction. The multifidus is the largest and most important core stabilizing muscle in the lower back. Chronic back pain usually appears when this muscle doesn’t work properly.

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Insurance & Payment Information

At Spinal Diagnostics, we accept a wide range of insurance plans.

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Treatments for Chronic Pain and Neuropathy in Tualatin and Newberg in Oregon

At Spinal Diagnostics, we focus on spinal and neuropathic pain management. Our team of specialists is a recognized leader in clinical research and offers you updated diagnostic processes and treatment options.

We have dedicated our practice to improving our patient’s quality of life without using opiate medications or traditional spine surgery. Over ten years of experience makes us the top choice for those with back and neck pain, pelvic pain, neuropathy, and injuries.

If you want to learn more about the treatments we offer, call us, schedule an appointment online, or visit our locations in Tualatin and Newberg in Oregon.

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