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ReActiv8® is an effective and durable treatment for your patients with mechanical Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP) and multifidus muscle dysfunction.


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A rehabilitative treatment for mechanical CLBP

What is ReActiv8?

ReActiv8 Restorative Neurostimulation is a rehabilitative therapy designed to address impaired neuromuscular control and degeneration of the multifidus muscle linked to mechanical chronic low back pain (CLBP). The ReActiv8 system overrides underlying multifidus inhibition by eliciting episodic, isolated contractions which, over time, can facilitate recovery from mechanical CLBP. This therapy can provide an effective treatment solution for your patients with mechanical CLBP.

How is it different?

ReActiv8, the only FDA-approved rehabilitative device of its kind, uses a restorative treatment approach that targets underlying multifidus muscle dysfunction. Analgesic (or palliative) treatment options have limited effectiveness and durability in patients with mechanical CLBP. [1]

How does it work?

The ReActiv8 therapy targets the multifidus muscle with electrical pulses delivered through proprietary self-anchoring lead technology placed adjacent to the medial branch of the dorsal ramus. Post procedure, your patient conducts their own at-home therapy twice daily for 30 minutes per session.
1 – Jensen MP, Brownstone RM. Mechanisms of spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of pain: Still in the dark after 50 years. European Journal of Pain (United Kingdom) 2019;23:652–9.
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