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Pelvic pain is a common issue that affects up to 20% of men and women in the United States each year. Find out the root cause of your pelvic pain and get relief with help from the team at Spinal Diagnostics in Tualatin and Newberg, Oregon. The pain management team offers extensive diagnostic services and treatments to relieve all types of pelvic pain for men and women so you can find relief. To schedule an appointment, call or use the online booking tool today.

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Pelvic Pain Q & A

What causes pelvic pain in women?

Pelvic pain in women can be caused by gynecologic disorders, disorders that affect other organs in the pelvis — including the bladder, rectum, and appendix — and disorders that affect organs near the pelvis — including the abdominal wall, intestines, kidneys, ureters, and the lower part of the aorta.

Soft tissues and nerves in these areas can contribute to pelvic pain as well. In many cases, your gynecologist or primary care doctor can misdiagnose neurological causes of pelvic pain. The Spinal Diagnostics team understands the frustration of misdiagnosis and offers extensive diagnostic testing to help you avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatments or therapies.

What causes pelvic pain in men?

Pelvic pain in men can be caused by disorders that affect organs inside and outside but near the pelvis as well as disorders of the organs within the pelvis. Specific organs and structures within the pelvis can contribute to pelvic pain in men, including soft tissues and nerves.

The nerves in the pelvic area come from the lower back, so issues with the lumbar spine can contribute to pelvic pain. Potential causes of lower back disorders that can trigger pelvic pain include disc herniation, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis.

How’s pelvic pain diagnosed?

The team begins your consultation with a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and medical history to determine if you’ve experienced any trauma or surgery to your pelvis, including cesarean sections in women and prostate surgeries in men that might have caused scar tissue or nerve irritation in your pelvis.

After your consultation, the team performs a physical exam of the area and can order X-rays or an MRI to visualize the involved structures. If necessary, specific nerve conduction studies can be performed to evaluate the function of the nerves in your pelvis and surrounding areas, including your lower back and legs.

Based on your complete exam, the team determines your diagnosis and offers treatments to help you.

What treatments can help pelvic pain?

Depending on the cause of your pelvic pain, the team can recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Physical therapy
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Selective nerve root blocks
  • Radiofrequency neuroablation
  • Spinal cord stimulators

Over-the-counter and prescription medications could be helpful as well, depending on the severity and frequency of your symptoms.

Schedule a consultation for pelvic pain at Spinal Diagnostics now by calling the office or booking online.

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