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Back surgery comes with a long list of potential complications and a lengthy recovery process. For those in Tualatin and Newberg, Oregon, the team at Spinal Diagnostics might be able to help you find alternatives to back surgery that can relieve pain and improve function. If you’re excited to explore the possibilities of conservative care, schedule an appointment today, online or over the phone.

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Back Surgery Q & A

What’s back surgery?

Back surgery is any medical procedure that alters the anatomy of your back and surrounding tissues. Some options are less invasive than others, but back surgery is always a serious medical procedure.

There are cases where back surgery is clearly the best available option. For example, if you’re involved in a serious auto or workplace accident and suffer severe back trauma, surgery can often be the only way to expeditiously address internal bleeding or structural damage.

In many other cases, however, a more conservative approach can yield impressive results. The team at Spinal Diagnostics is dedicated to finding the right treatment for your specific set of needs.

When is back surgery not the preferred treatment?

There are numerous reasons to pursue treatments that are less invasive than back surgery. Any surgical procedure involves a number of risks, including:

  • Problems with anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Surgical error

Any time you undergo a significant surgical procedure you place a great deal of strain on numerous systems in your body. While back surgery is sometimes necessary, every effort should be made to find alternative treatments.

Recovering from back surgery can also be a problem. Having to limit your activities during recovery can lead to weight gain, loss of flexibility, and an overall decrease in fitness. It can take time to regain the strength and vitality you had before surgery.

How can I avoid back surgery?

The team at Spinal Diagnostics works with you to determine the cause of your pain and explore ways to find relief. Your treatment path is unique and crafted to suit your specific needs and goals.

Spinal injections are one option and help relieve pain by treating inflammation in the joints of your spine. This approach can be a short-term solution to relieve pain as you complete a course of physical therapy, and can also serve a diagnostic role to pinpoint the source of your pain.

Spinal manipulation is another option for relieving back pain. Careful, precise manipulation of your spine can relieve nerve pressure and improve overall function.

Lifestyle modifications can also make a world of difference in treating your back pain. Your practitioner can help you explore weight loss options as well as ways to incorporate improved diet and exercise routines into your daily life.

When you’re ready to take action against back pain, book a visit at Spinal Diagnostics today. You can set up your visit online or over the phone, so don’t delay.

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