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For chronic lower back pain.

Chronic lower back pain (CLBP) for which there is no clear surgical answer can be one of the most difficult, debilitating conditions to diagnose and treat. After failing therapy and injections, patients are often told there is nothing more to offer or that they simply have to “live with it.” Even worse, many patients end up relying on medications like opiates, which have significant risks and side effects.

ReActiv8 is a groundbreaking new treatment for CLBP when there is evidence of multifidus dysfunction. The multifidus is the largest and most important core stabilizing muscle in the lower back, and when it doesn’t work properly chronic back pain can result. ReActiv8 is a small pacemaker-like device which stimulates the nerves naturally contracting the multifidus, restoring normal function of the core. In some ways it can be thought of as passive or internal physical therapy. A rehabilitative and restorative therapy, this is the first stimulator device believed to actually treat the underlying source of low back pain, instead of just masking the symptoms.

Dr. Heros was the 1st physician in the Pacific NW to perform this procedure and is now recognized as one of the most experienced and leading ReActiv8 experts in the United States. Spinal Diagnostics is proud to be involved in the RESTORE Clinical Trial, a new and ongoing clinical research sponsored by Mainstay Medical. This aim of this study is to further prove the safety and benefit of this exciting new therapy.

If you have chronic back pain without significant radiating leg pain and have never had surgery, you may be a good candidate for this trial. Click here to make an appointment and find out more about ReActiv8 and the RESTORE study.

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